There are many types of integrated systems, all based on unique purposes but all intended to provide the most best possible flow of packages or materials to increase efficiency. DCI’s experience across many industries and operations has equipped us to find the best answers by matching our professional insights with the details of your project.

Retail Distribution

One of the best ways to stay in front of the pack in the highly competitive retail industry is to ensure your distribution center is optimized to be agile, innovative and fast. Today’s consumers demand a high level of service, and DCI can help you design a system that will result in improving the efficiency of your supply chain. Automation can virtually eliminate the need for manual handling and improve the productivity and throughput of the distribution center. DCI specializes in providing automated carton erection, sealing and labeling as well as in-motion weighing and documentation printing and inserting. We also offer a variety of picking solutions including voice picking, RF picking, pick-to-light and put-to-light systems.

The flow of merchandise between receiving and shipping should be fast, simple and reliable. DCI is ready to assist you in planning and designing a system that will optimize product flow to help fulfill the demands of your retail operation.

Direct to Consumer Distribution

Having the proper material handling system in place is critical to the success of a DTC distribution center business. No matter what you distribute, the system should be fast, flexible and accurate for both large and small quantity orders.

DCI offers a wide range of solutions including automated shipping and receiving, cross-dock, sortation, picking solutions, palletizing and packaging systems that will increase your operational efficiency. If you need a new system or want to upgrade an existing system, DCI is prepared to provide you with a system that will give you an edge over the competition.

Picking Solutions

The picking process is a vital link in the supply chain process. DCI offers a wide variety of picking solutions to automate the picking process and meet the fast-paced needs of your operation. DCI is experienced in designing complex, specially engineered pick modules to small scale operator picking systems that deliver optimum product flow efficiency.

Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems involve the use of barcodes and can be incorporated into both large and small scale warehouses by utilizing a system of lights and displays to direct the operator to the desired location.

Voice picking uses a wireless computer and headset to allow a real-time connection to the host system. Operator instructions are given through the headset and the operator speaks to confirm with the system. Voice picking provides a hands-free, eyes-focused work environment that has been proven to increase productivity and accuracy over traditional pick methods. Operator training time is minimal and ROI is often less than one year.

Automated Storage and Retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide an automated way to put and retrieve product into and out of storage, especially where space constraints are an issue. These systems are ideal for manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail environments and offer increased productivity, accuracy and inventory control while reducing labor.

3rd Party Logistics

DCI is equipped to assist 3PL providers with supply chain systems to maintain accurate, on-time deliveries. We offer real-time inventory control, order fulfillment along with transaction record keeping for single or multiple warehouses. DCI is also experienced in designing pallet building and handling systems to handle all your 3PL needs.

General Manufacturing

Efficient manufacturing and tracking of finished goods involves many facets of the supply chain. Ensuring that raw materials are routed to production areas and finished products arrive at order fulfillment centers are just a few of the areas that DCI specializes in. We can assist you in designing a system for your manufactured goods whether they are pharmaceuticals, electronics or any other product. Some of the system components we can help you design include:

  • Pallet, Carton and Tote Storage
  • Automated Replenishment
  • Carton Assembly and Sealing
  • Order Assembly
  • Goods-to-Picker Systems
  • Buffering and Sequencing
  • Palletizing

Food Handling and Processing

DCI is experienced in developing solutions and installing state of the art systems to enable our clients to meet the rigorous demands of the food handling and processing industries and ensure on-time delivery in this competitive market. Your success relies on efficient order processing and fulfillment combined with a dynamic and responsive warehouse environment. We focus on providing turnkey solutions, modernizations and expansions that emphasize reliability and maintainability in refrigerated, freezer and wash-down environments.