DCI prides itself on offering its clients outstanding customer service and maintaining a full-time dedicated Customer Service Team. This experienced team of professionals assists the Project Team during all phases of your project and maintains a relationship long after the sale to be sure you are fully operational. We make every effort to provide you with fast, reliable support for any issue that may arise. The Customer Service Team also functions as your go-to source for any spare parts and will coordinate ordering and shipping to ensure parts arrive on time to keep you up and running.

Support Services:

Customer Service

The Customer Service Team is available 24/7 for service and support. Our qualified specialists will work with you to provide a comprehensive service plan for all of your system components. Our clients also receive tailored training for your in-house maintenance team. Just a few of the areas we can assist you with are:

  • Spare Part Determination and Ordering
  • Advice on In-House Inventory
  • Maintenance Manuals and Training
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Order Processing and Shipment Coordination
  • Remote Access for System Troubleshooting
  • Software Upgrades
  • Warranty Issues
  • 24/7Emergency Service

Repair Service

DCI is committed to providing our clients with fast and accurate repair service. We have access to large parts inventories and can provide our clients with 24 hour shipping to get you the parts you need, when you need them. We also have millwrights ready to assist your team with any repairs needed. Our specialists are trained to identify problems with conveyor equipment and components as well as issues with specialty equipment.

If onsite service is not needed, our technicians can speak with your maintenance team to work through issues and help resolve problems. PC/PLC troubleshooting and fixes can occur via remote VPN access for control/programming related issues.



Preventing breakdowns of your conveyor system should be the most important goal of your maintenance program. Too often companies do not put enough focus on their system, that is, until it breaks down. A good preventative maintenance (PM) program involves regular inspections, maintaining good records, adhering to industry standards, maintaining an adequate parts inventory and properly training your staff. DCI offers preventative maintenance agreements to help you reduce the risk for costly downtime. We will provide general visual inspection of mechanical components, operational verification, troubleshooting, adjustments, alignment of components, minor repairs, and recommendations on repairs and/or replacements of worn components.

Some of the services will include the following:

  • Check photo eyes for proper alignment
  • Check all belts for tracking problems and inspect lacing
  • Remove debris from conveyor
  • Inspect locking collars
  • Check air flow controls
  • Examine bolts and nuts throughout system
  • Check all devices to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Grease all chains, shaft mounted drives and bearings if needed
  • Check chain and sprocket alignment and chain tension
  • Check Gearmotor temperatures
  • Check reducers for proper fluid level
  • Generate and issue complete service report

After the PM is completed, a written report identifying the work performed will be issued to the designated personnel. This report will also identify any problems and discrepancies found and suggest repairs and maintenance improvements.

preventative maintenance


It is not always necessary to remove older equipment from a previous investment and completely replace it with a new system. DCI can provide assistance in evaluating the condition of equipment. Older equipment, after reconditioning, can be reused and further enhance its return on original investment. Our crews work with clients to recondition and reuse their existing equipment, often integrating new with existing equipment.


Spare Parts

With time and use, some components of your conveyor system may need to be replaced. Our educated team of parts specialists will help determine which parts you need, then work to get them to you as quickly as possible.

When you purchase a system from DCI, you will receive a maintenance manual and spare parts list at the completion of the project. DCI tailors each recommended spare parts list to your needs. System up-time goals, intended hours of operation, each customer’s existing interchangeable spare parts stock (if any), and customer access to emergency shipments are important factors. Critical parts/lead times will be denoted and recommended stocking levels will be indicated.

To prevent unnecessary downtime caused by part failure, we recommend preventative maintenance inspections by our trained team of installers. They will thoroughly inspect your system and recommend repairs or part replacements.

spare parts